Fozia Khalid Winter Collection 2023 Fozia Khalid Sale Price

Fozia Khalid winter collection

I am talking about the Fozia Khalid winter Collection 2023 for all girls and ladies. This Fozia Khalid collection will be also available in Fozia Khalid Sale 2023 very soon. Finally, this collection is going to be published and it is in unstitched form. As you know this is in unstitched form so it can be stitched in any style you. There are many dresses available in physical shops and Online Shops of Fozia Khalid for every kind of girl.

Featuring a dazzling mix of floral and geometric embroideries, this fuchsia pink stuns with a round neck and gotta work detailing. The fitted sleeves are simple with intricate laces to balance out the embroideries at the sides and hem of the shirt. Aeris – Essentials ’22 | Available on our website #foziakhalid #fk #rtw #luxury #pret #pakistanidesigner
This latest creation from Fozia Khalid is a stunning cotton-net shirt, with a floating neckline donning pastel, scooping floral vines spanning the front. FK custom fabric buttons adorn the front and sides of the fitted sleeves. Mirrorwork is tactfully used to further enhance the look. Pair this with an organza dupatta. Aeris – Essentials ’22 | Available on our website
Featuring a classy A-line cotton-net shirt, this orchid pink piece is one with straight sleeves and an enlarged keyhole with a rounded opening. The neckline is embroidered in all-white, with floral detailing. The sleeves boast a bouquet alongside latticework at the hem, and fine laces to boot. Aris – Essentials ’22 | Available on our website
In teal blue, this kurta is sprayed with contrasting Botanics and a stylized embroidered pocket on both sides. Dull gold tilla is used throughout to further enhance its look, which is complemented by intricate scallop laces. Despite the simple silhouette, the details make it perfect for an outing. Aeris – Essentials ’22 | Available on our website #foziakhalid #fk #rtw #luxury #pret #pakistanidesigner

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