University of Alaska, Empowering Alaska’s Future

At the University of Alaska, we are focused on helping people today to meet the demands of the future. Our graduates, businesses, communities, and resources have the power to impact the world. Our people are ambitious and determined to make a difference through knowledge, leadership, and groundbreaking advancements. We offer easily accessible, affordable education and job training to students of all backgrounds, ages, and identities. We believe educated professionals and skilled tradespeople are a vital part of a better tomorrow for Alaska and the world. By investing in our people, we are investing in a stronger workforce for today and the ever-changing future.

The world moves at a fast pace. That’s why we lead the way with the latest innovations. Drone technology, mariculture, nursing, and green energy development are only a few of the areas in which we create opportunity. We prioritize the pursuit of knowledge through world-class research and relevant job training, and we own the blueprint for creating new opportunities in existing and growing industries.

Through education for all, the University of Alaska shapes the minds of today and the economy of tomorrow.

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